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Ani Lodro Palmo is a Tibetan Buddhist Nun and Spiritual Friend to those who seek peace, happiness and a deepening spiritual life.  She has dedicated her life in service to others' growth and awakening.


Her teachings come from the direct experience of her own life journey - what she would describe as "the first half a pile of futile pursuits and indulgences to become somebody, and the second half a deconstruction of the first half to become nobody."  

The focus of Ani's teachings is to uncover the layers of our human condition to expose something more fundamental and intimate - an exploration of transformation through spiritual practice which carries us into a higher love, an understanding that we are this Love.

Ani's teachings and retreats are offered as opportunities for growth - inquiries into our deepest belief systems and conditioning to expose what may be buried or secretly loved and feared in all of us - life, death, longing, loss, and liberation.

Ani Lodro Retreats
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