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Fri, May 03


Vajra Vidya Retreat Center

"Wisdom of Joy" Retreat with Ani Lodro & Jennifer Tyler

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Time & Location

May 03, 2024, 9:00 AM MDT – May 06, 2024, 5:30 PM MDT

Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, 3203 Camino Baca Grande, Crestone, CO 81131, USA

About the event

Message from Ani Lodro -

Dear friends,

Jamgon Kongtrul’s “Treasury of Knowledge: Myriad Worlds” tells us –

“For as long as infinite space and sentient beings exist, the compassion of the victorious ones and the actions of sentient beings continue without end. Those to be guided and enlightened guides manifest through inconceivable connections.

When the characters and dispositions of those to be guided are activated, the compassion of the guides arises, and the configurations of the realms and the dimensions of awakening appear; the miraculous methods of guiding others manifest beyond all bounds.”

It is emphasized that “those to be guided”, when ready, (that is, have sufficiently cultivated bodhicitta),will invoke the compassion of the victorious ones, and those that are enlightened will configure gateways extending from their heavenly abodes through which seekers can embrace dimensions of awakening.

I am inspired to investigate in our upcoming retreat how we humans can invoke the compassion of the Enlightened Ones, who have found freedom, to reach back for us? But do we even believe these beings exist? And how can we cultivate true devotion that leads to this belief and their encounter?

The title and theme of our May retreat is taken after the level of spiritual attainment described by the first Bhumi – “Very Joyous”, the first of 10 stages towards achieving enlightenment in Buddhism.  The motivation necessary to attain this state of Joy is primarily Faith and Devotion.

It is through faith and devotion the realization of emptiness is attained in this first bhumi, which provides the entrance to the “path of seeing”.  Bodhisattvas who have advanced into the state of the first bhumi directly understand that persons do not exist by way of their own nature but are interdependent- connected to a larger system of multi-dimensional worlds with precise and comprehendible causes and conditions.

These joyous bodhisattvas live with the ongoing recognition of the missing connection most humans on Earth are largely deceived by– the inner radiance arising from the ground of being which manifests all the phenomena appearing around us. To abide in this illuminating light all around us, everywhere, is to have purified our hearts. We are invited to move to a truer, more joyous world, not through ascending, but by transforming samsara for ourselves first, and then for others.

Enlightened beings can manifest miraculous methods to assist us with this - through which the missing connection of the inner radiance of the ground of being becomes revealed to us. Thus we can choose to enter a state of Joy, Truth, Samadhi- an evolved dwelling place, which becomes our new and primordial world from which we actually came.

In our May retreat, Jennifer and I will speak about this transcendence into the Joy filled realm with explanation of the steps leading to this gateway, turning our history of personal spontaneous spiritual experiences into an understandable series of causes and conditions our minds and hearts can follow. As we contemplate and meditate, we recognize positive, heavenly qualities are what is real and true. Negative qualities, and our clinging to them, is exhausted- we are no longer deceived.

Introspection in to our own spiritual or bodhisattva vows and nature of mind, we find these miraculous offerings.  Passed down from great masters and our own Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, as well as Bodhisattvas of our great world system, and Buddhas who preside over it, these teachings may be the most precious wish fulfilling jewels available to Earth-bound humans longing for freedom from the sadness of impermanence.

Awakening awaits us all.

Tashi Delek,

Ani Lodro

Message from Jennifer Tyler -

Exchange your cleverness for bewilderment  -   Rumi

In the wake of spiritual realizations, the sense of separate identity often tries to reassert itself by grabbing on to clever psychological narratives and practiced defenses.  These patterns of conditioning, although they mostly feel burdensome and heavy in the body, give a temporary, false sense of security because they are familiar. Conditioned narrative gives the ego a bone to chew on, an occupation.

But when we are able to let go fully into the undivided moment of realized uncertainty, fully leap into each moment of vast mystery, then what had been experienced as fear of the unknown begins to naturally transmute and unfold into a direct sense of cellular celebration. A fresh, pristine, potent vibrancy that is beyond emotional and circumstantial comings and goings.  Joy without cause. Joyful abandon.

Whether one is drinking tea, mowing the lawn, in the midst of relational confusion, or pain, there is a precious wholeheartedness that is beyond reason and explanation.  It is a homecoming. A reunion of Mother and child.  Sitting in the lap of the ever-arriving, ever-giving moment of Creation as She-Who-Rises dances the world of expressive beauty into existence.

To register

Please go to and place a deposit of 50%.

For any questions, please email us at

or call us at 719-256-5539.

Cost for Retreat:

Vajra Vidya Lodging - All sessions & Meals  $450

Commuting - All sessions & Meals, no lodging  $250

Zoom attendance - $100

Note: Above costs do not include teacher fee donations or “Dana”

for Ani Lodro or Jennifer Tyler.  For those wanting guidelines

for teacher offerings, please read below:

Guidelines for Offering Dana

According to the Buddha, generosity is one of the central practices of a spiritual life. In the act of giving, we develop our ability to let go of attachment, cultivate an attitude of open sharing, and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all beings. The Buddha taught the practice of dana whereby those who share the teachings are dependent on those who receive them. It is the practice of dana that has kept the Buddhist tradition alive for more than 2,600 years in Asia, where committed supporters have given generously to establish monasteries and retreat centers, and provide for teachers and practitioners.

At Vajra Vidya we are carrying on this joyful tradition in the form of inviting donations from the community to our precious teachers, so that teachers can continue to offer the Dharma. Although the value of the teachings is immeasurably precious, we make our offerings as generous as possible while respecting our own financial well being.

For the upcoming retreat, there will be an opportunity to make dana offerings at the end of each retreat to Jennifer Tyler and Ani Lodro with a white scarf called a khata, which represents pure mind. Dana can also be offered directly to the teachers through Paypal, check, or cash.

Many find it helpful to be offered guidelines for this traditional Buddhist practice. Vajra Vidya suggests a range of $20 – $60 per day of any given retreat. For example, if your retreat is three calendar days, then you might offer between $60-$180 to the teacher as an expression of your appreciation for the teachings. If a retreat has more than one teacher, you may split that amount between each teacher or offer more to each if you are able. There is no set amount for dana, and your dana offering should always consider your individual capacity.  All donations are accepted gratefully and sincerely.

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